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Friday, mars 10, 2000

Friday's Tip:

How to boost your memory:

  • Remember a list with a mnemonic using the first letter of each item.
  • If you keep losing something, such as your keys or glasses, form a
    mental picture of where they are when you put them down.
  • Memorise a poem, or learn one new fact every day*.
  • Smell is closely linked with memory so learn a fact while smelling a
    particular scent. Aromatherapy oils can help: coriander and rosemary for
    improved memory; lemon for concentration; ginger to overcome forgetfulness.
  • Foods rich in thiamine (vit B1) can help.  Eat lots of brown rice,
    wheatgerm, wholegrain bread, cereals and brewer's yeast, as well as minerals
    potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron & zinc.
  • Eat fish.  It contains phosphatidylcholine which helps memory.
  • Eat more garlic, and take ginkgo biloba which improves bloodflow in
    the brain. 

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